It's a digital world we are living in. But some things were meant for print.

Every one of our wedding clients gets an album.

This is the cornerstone of Rey Benasfre Photography. Our final product to you is your first family heirloom that will tell your story for generations to come.

I'm not just taking pictures. I'm giving back memories. - Rey Benasfre

Here is what you should understand about your wedding book:

1. Your first family heirloom - Can you imagine years from now, logging into Facebook from a mobile device, and swiping through photos of your wedding day with your grandkids? Sounds ridiculous right? Will Facebook even be around then? This is why I believe your wedding MUST BE PRINTED! Now imagine pulling out a handcrafted Italian leather book out of an elegantly designed luxury box. With your grandkids on your lap, opening it to that first spread: the epic photo of you and your husband spread across two pages on smooth satin finished paper. Each spread artistically designed to tell your story.

2. This is not a scrap book, it's a storybook - When we say wedding album, we don't mean a book crammed with every shot from your wedding. We shoot every thing with the album design in mind. Different compositions and looks to tell a story on each spread. We lay them out in a way that looks clean, elegant, and makes sense. Every image tells a story but it would not make sense to have a shot of the venue details and your first look all on one page.

3. Craftsmanship - If we are creating your first family heirloom, one that would stand the test of time and be given to your grandkids, then it is important that we provide our clients with the best quality out there. Like our wall arts, our albums are made and printed with museum grade archival materials. The whole book itself is handmade and bound in Italy. After it is shipped to us we carefully inspect it before delivering it to you. Not only that, your wedding album will be backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Contact me today for a pre-consultation where you will get to see these albums in person!