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I want to talk about something that I feel is so important it needed its own section on my website.


Prints matter more so than ever before. Over the last two decades, printed photographs have slowly became an afterthought when it came to photography. In today's age of iPhones and Netflix, society expects digitals for everything. Digital streaming, digital songs, movies, and memories. Where do we put our most cherished memories? They usually go on social media, online digital albums, USB sticks, or CD's. What happens to those? What happened to the floppy disc and CD's? Will Facebook and Instagram be around in 50 years? We put our most precious memories on Facebook to get a few likes and then it becomes forgotten. What happens when Facebook goes away? I've tried getting my images back from MySpace and they are pretty much gone forever…All of those wonderful memories from my early 20's...Gone. What is just as bad is all of those files we put on thumb drives either get lost or put away in a desk drawer, never to be seen and enjoyed again... We say to ourselves, "we'll get them printed someday." but does that ever happen?

Shortly after I started in the photography industry I found that I wanted to be different from the photographers in my area who were only giving their clients digital images. I felt that only providing digital images was a disservice to those who are trusting me to capture an important time in their life. For many of us, designing an entire album, deciding what size or arrangement of portraits look great on our walls, and even just getting images printed in general can seem like a daunting task.

I want to be your guide.

Together we will make sure your memories and your story is preserved and displayed the way it deserves to be. For you to see on your wall and feel happiness even after a long hard day. For your friends and family to view with awe whenever they come over. For your kids to be reminded every day of how important they are to you. Lastly, for your future generations, 100 or 200 years from now to be able to touch your portrait or flip through your wedding album and get to know YOU.

Positive Development in Children

Studies show that children whose parents display family photographs in the home grow up with greater confidence and sense of belonging. Photography in the home makes children feel valued and gives them a rich understanding of where they come from.

Professor Geoff Beattie, Head of School and Dean of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester states, “We cannot underestimate the power of photographs to keep us feeling linked to others and belonging. They cement us into our networks. For children in particular, looking at photographs is part of the socializing process; learning who you are and where you fit into the family. By displaying photographs of our children at different stages of their lives, we are making a very public statement that we are proud of them.”

In today’s fast paced society it is hard to find good quality time with your loved ones, however when we look at photographs, we remember how we felt when that picture was taken.

Generational Legacy
My Dad at 18, after Navy Basic Training, 1968

It is my core belief that prints are a bridge across generations. My mother wasn’t a professional photographer, but she had a camera everywhere she went and kept shelves of scrapbook albums she made over the years. My favorite photos aren’t even the ones of me in diapers, but the ones of my parents before I was even born. It’s a connection to a version of them that I’ll never meet. Seeing my parents in their 20’s and how they were once just as wild as I was, makes me feel closer to them than ever. I cherish those photos more than any of my own childhood photos. It was this realization that showed me the powerful impact that a printed image can have on our kids or future grandkids. Our phones will die. Hard drives corrupt constantly. The cloud is just another server and with new threats on cyberspace happening everyday, who knows how secure it really is?

One thing is for sure: books and prints will be picked up and looked at for generations to come. Go to any historic art museum; this has been proven over centuries. When I am gone, this photo of my parents will still be looked at. The canvas of my little girl will still be cherished. The wedding album that I create for you will still be telling your story. Somewhere down the line, these portraits will create that connection and ensure our legacy lives on and our time on Earth is not erased.

Rey Benasfre Photography

When I take photos of my clients, I always keep in mind that these photos are not just for them, but for the ones not in the photos. For their parents, grandparents, children, or grandchildren who aren’t even born yet.

I started this business to create a service where people can have their stories told, their personalities captured, and memories preserved. Not only in a way that is beautiful and artistic, but in a way where it can be cherished, experienced, archived, and handed down.

My goal is for you to be able to create a tangible legacy, not just images to post for a few social media likes and then forgotten.

You deserve more than that.

Your memories deserve better than that.

I have partnered with a few of the best professional printing labs in the world to create museum grade heirlooms that are timeless and archival up to 400 years.

Which one of these will your kids (or future kids) be able to easily access in 10 years?

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