Your Memories Are in Good Hands

This might surprise you, but when it comes to getting beautiful images, knowing and trusting your photographer can make all the difference.

So, let’s start there…

“Seriously incredible photographer, visionary, and person! Rey’s photography simply speaks for itself, but his personality and work ethic are incomparable.”

– Mark –

What you can expect


What started as a hobby – creatively capturing landscapes and scenic locations – grew into a desire to do something more : Documenting little but meaningful moments — in the same creative fashion.

So, in 2015, I created Rey Benasfre Photography with the support of my wife, Jenny.

And built the foundation of the company based on art, action, and service.

We continue with that mindset today – creating images and an experience based on the following:

01. Creativity, Uniqueness & Vision

As you may have noticed, I have a serious obsession with wide, epic portraits and silhouettes. That’s because they help tell the overall story of your wedding day by showcasing your intimacy, energy and affection.

But to tell your story well, I first need to discover the need behind the photos you want. Because what you value, I’ll value. And because understanding your personalities is what translates into great photos.

Once I’ve learned all I can about what’s important to you, I’ll combine that with my knowledge of flattering poses, lighting, composition, and various advanced editing techniques to create artistic images of the moments that matter most.

02. Professionalism, Personality & Passion

The first time I picked up a camera was while stationed in Japan with the Marine Corps. I had always had a passion for creativity, even at a young age. But it was that experience that channelled my passion into a professional career.

The Marine Corps is also where I developed a disciplined work ethic. So, you can depend on me to respond to your questions quickly and thoroughly. And it’s why I’ve created a straightforward and transparent (yet still easy-going) ​​​​​​process ​ ​​​​​​from start to finish.  ​​​​​​​

Leading up to your wedding day or session, you’ll always know what to expect and where things stand. On the day, I’ll wrangle you or your family for formal portraits without hesitancy – all while maintaining a calm demeanor. And I’ll crack jokes to help you let loose, smile, and have fun.

03. Comfort, Coaching & Guidance

My job as your photographer is to do more than take beautiful photos. It’s to help you feel totally at ease in front of the camera. So while I’ll happily provide suggestions on how to dress (or any other recommendations you may find helpful), the best “gift” I can provide you is confidence.

To help you feel confident, I’ll coach you through exactly what you need to do to make your photos look and feel amazing. And if you’re worried about feeling awkward about having your picture taken – don’t be. The more awkward the better. Why? Because that’s when your true expressions and unique quirks shine through.

With my helpful guidance, you’ll start to feel comfortable and, eventually, let your guard down. Which is why I always keep my camera pointing up – so that I’m ready to capture those moments. Which, in my experience, inevitably become the portraits you’ll display in your home.

“Rey took time leading up to our wedding day to get to know us and did a fantastic job of finding out about what was most important to use when it comes to photography. Rey took everything he learned about us and performed above and beyond our expectations.”

– Claudia –